Short Hop Customs

Plano, TX, USA

Controller modder based in Plano TX. I try to be a "one stop shop" where you can get almost anything done. Unless stated otherwise, I cast all of resin parts in my builds myself. If you're close to Plano you can also drop your controller off with me to save on the shipping!

  1. full builds
  2. prebuilt controllers
  3. diagnostics/repairs
  4. phobs
  5. snapback modules
  6. electrical mods
  7. resin buttons
  8. resin sticks
  9. rubber-capped sticks
  10. full resin sticks
  11. resin triggers
  12. resin shells
  13. shell tinting
  14. paracords
  15. replacement parts
  16. accepting send-ins

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