Modder vetting

Some modder profiles on DOL-003 may show a “vetted” badge. Here’s what that means.

Vetting is a way to indicate that the DOL-003 team, whether firsthand or through a trusted source, has verified that a modder is known to:

  • deliver quality work,
  • offer great customer service, and
  • have a broadly positive reputation in the CGCC community.

This does not constitute a recommendation on the part of the DOL-003 team, and does not imply any kind of guarantee if you decide to work with the modder in question. Conversely, the lack of a vetted badge does not imply that a modder is untrustworthy or not recommended, only that the DOL-003 team has not been able to verify the quality of their offerings.

While informal and not authoritative, we believe vetting can be a way to incentivize quality work, great customer service, and relationship-building between CGCC modders and artists.

Join us on Discord if you have any questions or concerns about the vetting status of a modder. Requests for vetting are considered on a case-by-case basis.