Tampa, FL, USA Vetted

Hey there I'm EightBitTaco/Ricardo! I'm a controller modder based in West FL. Melee Player since 2013. Controller Modding since 2017-2018. I put a emphasis on Functional Mods/Paracords/Repairs/OEM & Phob work. My goal is to make sure the player is never limited by the hardware they play on. Twitter:@EightBitTaco | Discord: EightBitTaco#8079 | Fun Trivia: You might find me at a @WFLMelee event or somewhere playing beach volleyball!

  1. full builds
  2. prebuilt controllers
  3. diagnostics/repairs
  4. accepting send-ins
  5. commissions open
  6. phobs
  7. snapback modules
  8. electrical mods
  9. paracords

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