Double's Conches

Sterling, VA, USA

Double's Conches began when I wanted a custom made-to-order GameCube controller of my own for an acceptable price and could not find a service like that. I began acquiring tools and parts I needed to mod my own controller and over 100 mistakes later, I finally know what I'm doing. I have successfully modded over 250 controllers. I maintained a 5-star review on Etsy and I am very proud of the work I put into each controller. My goal is to provide solid controllers to members of the Smash community first; money comes second.

  1. full builds
  2. prebuilt controllers
  3. diagnostics/repairs
  4. accepting send-ins
  5. commissions open
  6. phobs
  7. snapback modules
  8. electrical mods
  9. notching
  10. paracords
  11. resin buttons

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